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Dussault Moving & Storage Inc. offers heated and  secured storage in our 30,200 Square Foot warehouse. This is a containerized storage space, not self-storage. Both short and long-term service is available. We also offer non-container storage options; such as designated shelving space for office and personal records, files, etc. We will retrieve items from their current location, then package and relocate those items into our warehouse for secure storage. You can also choose to personally bring your items to our office for secure packaging and warehouse storage. We offer flexible options.

Short term storage is a good solution when you are not ready to take delivery at your new residence or office. This is known as Storage In Transit, and is fairly common when buying a new home or building. We will securely package and store your items temporarily, until you are ready to schedule delivery by Dussault to your residence or office.

" Excellent. Couldn't have been nicer. Hard working. Wholesome. Kind. Thoughtful. Extremely happy with move. No items moved were damaged. No part of house harmed. Quick move.  Will definitely use these guys again. "


Our offices are housed in our storage space so you can conduct Moving and Storage business without any added effort. Our Lakewood location is easily accessible via I-90, RTA, the Shoreway, and all Cleveland area delivery routes. We are located a short distance from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, and package routing services. Schedule airport shipments to our short term warehouse storage for later pick up; or for delivery to another destination. Flexible options are the Dussault standard.

For your safe and secured storage needs, Dussault utilizes industry standard sturdy storage crates and containers to securely store your business and personal belongings in our secure storage warehouse.

Secure crating ensures the contents are safely stored. For general information:  Shown here and below are examples of our standard storage crate. Please contact our office for any specific questions regarding storage crate container dimensions, information, and for our storage recommendations.


Moving Boxes and Packing Material

Moving is an investment in effort, money, and time. Planning your move is crucial, and partnering with Dussault Moving & Storage ensures your success.

Like our storage solutions, Dussault utilizes industry-standard weight-rated boxes in use-specific sizes, and packing materials designed for all moving services. Materials includes wardrobe, mirror/portrait boxes and packing materials. We also offer discounted pricing on those items when you schedule your move with us. Ask our staff what packing materials are right for your move as part of your FREE moving project estimate.

For help with planning your move  See our Checklist and Moving Tips.

Customer Feedback

" From the initial in-person quote, to when they left our new house with all furniture, boxes etc. in the right rooms, the Dussault team put us as at ease during a fairly stressful time! It seems that in the moving game, most professional companies charge almost the same per man/per hour price... but what differentiated Dussault was the fact that they send out a four man team, not three, and that they were local, so any driving/trip charges were kept to a minimum.

More important than cost however is the care they took over our furniture... not a scratch could be found as they diligently wrapped all solid furniture in blankets and soft furnishings in plastic wrap. I would recommend Dussault to anyone! "

 Description of work: The Dussault team moved everything (and there was a lot of stuff!) from our old house to our new house, including storing our belongings for approx ten days in their warehouse until we closed on our new house.

" The furniture needed to be moved from my grandmother's house to my mother's house relatively quickly as the sale of the house was closing. Dussault movers was recommended by a friend. They had the best estimate (no strange additional fees, although weekend moves are a little more, which is understandable since it is peak moving time) and were very responsive to any questions or concerns.

They showed up on the day of the move on time, performed the loading and securing of the furniture in the truck in a professional and timely fashion, even taking apart pieces when needed (like the dining room table and the hutch from the dresser). They then unloaded everything at the new destination quickly and exactly where my mother wanted it placed.

They are very careful handling the furniture and take care not to damage any walls/floors/etc. while moving. They have been moving furniture for a while and their quality and knowledge shows this. My mother will be moving soon and we will definitely call them again. "

" Some friends referred them to us. Their prices were reasonable and inline with some other places that we got quotes from. They were excellent and did a very professional job. They arrived on time and finished a little ahead of schedule. Nothing really got broken, dented or dinged. They were very respectful and it was a really good experience "

" They were amazing and my move went more smoothly than I thought was possible. Three men (Matt, Tom, and Ron) showed up exactly on time and got right to work. I had a few very heavy pieces along with some delicate glass curio cabinet, large dresser mirror and they handled everything carefully. They damaged nothing, scratched nothing, and were highly professional. I do not plan on moving again but would highly recommend Dussault Moving to everyone."