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Did you ever look at a couch, a desk; a piano, or another large item, and wonder how it fit through the doorway? Or that sharp turn just before the long, steep stairs? Do you need our experts to visually review your Moving and Storage needs in your home or office(s) before you schedule your moving activity with us?  Help is here!

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Customers are always welcome to call or visit our main office to arrange services in person; and to speak to our staff about their needs while there. You can also reach us by email, and by visiting our website using your cell phone or tablet. Click on any social media link below to Share a link to your friends, relatives, coworkers, and even to yourself as reminder to schedule our services.

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" Dussault was fantastic. They responded to my call, showed up for a quote on time, and were there bright and early on the day of the move. Everyone I talked to at Dussault was friendly and accommodating. The moving crew was professional and efficient - they packed the truck completely full, and they moved everything with great care.
They provided wardrobe boxes and lifted the contents of the closets straight out, into the boxes, and then into closets on the other side (we had packed some of our own clothes, but this was a very nice service for coats and such). They had extra packing tape and other supplies for contingencies, and everything went very smoothly. We liked them so much my in-laws hired them to move a piano from Chicago a few months later. "


  Our Family Moving Your Family